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Behind Broken Glass

I followed a tutorial for most of this but added my own touches to the photo. This is me as a vampire looking into a broken window. I think this turned out really neat.


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Fantasy Photos

There are so many photoshop brushes and styles. I love playing with them to see what I can come up with. Here is a few pictures I edited of myself I wanted to share.

Me Vampirized – I probably could have done the blood better on my mouth but I’m pleased with it. My boyfriend told me I look awful happy. I told him I just finished a good meal and he was next, lol.

I used some blood dripping brushes and eyelash brushes and added an action to the overall photo. I also used the smudge tool and pulled my teeth down into points. It was fun playing with this one.

And for a sweeter side, I turned me into an angel too.

I just used a wing brush and some stars brushes on this one. I added an action that made the colors a little brighter and added a sparkle to my eye.

And this one was inspired by a blue jean ad I saw a few years ago. I posed a little different than the model did though.

I tried the light effects thing on this image but it didn’t turn out like I had hoped. But it’s ok. I used floral brushes and added blurs and outer glows to them. The effect I added to the photo created a dark, milky look. I think it turned out pretty though.

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My Daughters

My girls love seeing photos that I’ve edited of them. They’ll tell me what they want done to them and I’ll try to create it. Of course my three year old can’t make suggestions but she likes seeing her pictures. Here is a few pictures I took recently and edited of them.

Marie has been wanting me to make a decayed picture of her for a few months now. I didn’t want to make it becuase I just didn’t want to see my baby in that kind of shape. But I guess she won. I was taking some pictures the other day and she made a plain, kind of sad face and said, “Ok, mommy I want you to make me dead like you.” Here it is…

Katie told me she didn’t want to see what she’d look like decayed. She is more into girly stuff like angels and fairies. So here is a photo of Katie as an angel…

Miranda likes the movie Shrek and I found a tutorial online to create that look. Well, I turned her into Fiona. It’s a little blurry because the photo I picked to edit was taken on my cell phone. But I think it’s cute anyway.

We were sitting in my van when I took this picture so you can see her car seat belts. When I showed her this picture she didn’t think it was her at first and I had to show her the original one. Then she laughed and said, “That me, momma!” I think she liked it.

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I’m Dead! Photographically Speaking

I like to do a lot of different things with pictures. I have made a couple of photos of myself decayed with cracked brushes that I have loaded in Photoshop. I think this one turned out really good, lol. I hope you like it too. Let me know what you think…

I made an autopsy suture and blackened my eyes. I added dark rings around my eyes for a more “dead” look. I look like I’ve been beaten to death and dragged down the road or something. But I think it’s cool and wanted to share it.

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