Fantasy Photos

There are so many photoshop brushes and styles. I love playing with them to see what I can come up with. Here is a few pictures I edited of myself I wanted to share.

Me Vampirized – I probably could have done the blood better on my mouth but I’m pleased with it. My boyfriend told me I look awful happy. I told him I just finished a good meal and he was next, lol.

I used some blood dripping brushes and eyelash brushes and added an action to the overall photo. I also used the smudge tool and pulled my teeth down into points. It was fun playing with this one.

And for a sweeter side, I turned me into an angel too.

I just used a wing brush and some stars brushes on this one. I added an action that made the colors a little brighter and added a sparkle to my eye.

And this one was inspired by a blue jean ad I saw a few years ago. I posed a little different than the model did though.

I tried the light effects thing on this image but it didn’t turn out like I had hoped. But it’s ok. I used floral brushes and added blurs and outer glows to them. The effect I added to the photo created a dark, milky look. I think it turned out pretty though.


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